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Quality Management

At Bhagwati Organics, we are committed to maintain superior quality products matching the International Standard consistently. We ensure that all our products meet the requirements of our valuable clients. The company also fulfills current regulatory requirements as per cGMP guidelines. To achieve the requirements, an integrated Quality Management System (QMS) has been set up by independent Quality Unit including Quality Control and Quality Assurance department.
Ketoconazole - Quality Management
Ketoconazole - Quality Control

Quality Control

Our Quality Control department is well equipped with the most advanced instruments and analytical techniques. The team is responsible for analyzing and releasing of raw materials, packaging materials, in-process controls and final products in Internal Quality Systems.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance refers to the various ways of ensuring the quality of the products & service. Hence at Bhagwati Organics Pvt. Ltd. we follow excellent quality assurance practices. Our Quality Assurance department is in charge for design, development, implementation and maintenance of Quality Management System. The team ensures superior quality throughout the manufacturing of Intermediates and final products with high degree of confidence regarding quality of products with respect to cGMP requirements. The team also ensures the compliance of existing international standards as per cGMP requirements through frequent internal audits, training and continual improvements. Ketoconazole
Ketoconazole - Quality Assurance