EHS Policy

Bhagwati Organics constantly endeavours to integrate the proactive environment protection policies into its overall business strategy.
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Bhagwati Organics constantly endeavours to integrate the proactive environment protection policies into its overall business strategy. The company has taken exceptional care to identify the major environmental management challenges and has devised appropriate Environment Management Systems (EMSs) that help in reducing waste generation and conservation of resources, putting a lid on the hazardous emissions.

Prevention of pollution throughout the product life cycle is of paramount importance to the company.

No wonder, the company was presented the best plantation award in the year 2011 by the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and The Green Environment Services Co-operative Society Ltd, Vatva, Ahmedabad.

- Is a TEAM effort

Being a pharmaceutical company, Bhagwati Organics recognizes the prime importance of never compromising the health and safety of either the environment or the workforce. Towards that end, the company conducts regular training sessions to familiarize the employees with the best practices that contribute to environmental and human wellness.

Besides, the company has a strict monitoring system that ensures effective implementation of environmental policies. Complying with all environmental regulations honestly and effectively is at the core of everything that the company does.


The salient points of the environment policy of Bhagwati Organics are encapsulated below:

  • Development of integrated EHS programmes
  • Adoption of pollution prevention and clean manufacturing practices
  • Elimination of hazardous emissions and wastes
  • Conservation of energy, water and other natural resources
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Being a pharma company, health and safety are an essential part of the work ethos of Bhagwati Organics. The company complies with all relevant legislation and endeavours to not only protect, but also promote, the absolute health and safety of its employees, and others who may be impacted by its activities.

A manufacturing plant can become a hazardous place for employees, risking their health and safety, and diminishing the quality of life in communities. Bhagwati Organics strongly feels about safeguarding its workers and providing them an enabling work environment. As such, it has formulated various policies which ensure that the well-being of its workers is never compromised.


Bhagwati Organics has a clearly structured a Health and Safety Guide Outline. The main aspects of the policy are:

  • Compliance with all EHS laws and regulations
  • Incorporation of appropriate safety and health considerations in daily
  • routines
  • Operation of equipment, facilities and processes in a safe manner
  • Compulsory participation in training and educative programmes to manage EHS risks