Chairman’s Message

We believe in taking the road not taken. As we continue to grow, stretching the horizons of innovation, we also have equal focus on taking only the long-term approach to create a sustainable growth and development. At Bhagwati Organics Private Limited, we understand that only a sustainable business can be a successful business. Besides excelling in the pharmaceutical industry and bringing in a revolution, we try our best to contribute to the environment, transforming earth to be a better place to live in.

The pharmaceutical industry of India is on the cusp of a great opportunity to innovate and create branded, research-driven medicines that can make a meaningful impact the world over. The future is brimming with opportunities as the entire world look forward to India to provide not just reasonably-priced branded generic drugs, but also APIs and medicines born of innovative pharmaceutical research.

The pharma sector is expected to exhibit a 9 per cent growth in revenues, year-on-year, through 2020. In fact, the country is all set to emerge as the sixth largest pharmaceutical market globally in terms of absolute size. New trends, such as predictive medicine, and cures based on genomic diagnostics, will be important drivers of growth for the industry.

Shailesh K. Patel

Chairman & Managing Director


  • Shangril S. Patel (Director)
  • Bonny S. Patel (Director)
  • Girish R. Patel (Director)